I will be placing things in a piecemeal fashion into cvs as I reorganize things as I go.

I have lots of cleanup work to do.
Add automake/autoconf/libtool
pkg-config rpm deb
Needs clean ups, modernization and packaging, needs gtk+ and/or QT.
function prototypes in header files
kill k&r style functions
turn warning up high and then play whack a mole
make documentation availible: finish translating user guide from pdf to html
pdf2txt didn't leave much white space in the final output yuck.
add the pictures into the html version and correct mistakes

I used to turn man pages to docbook
Need to double check the output of that.
Used docbook2html to make html versions of the man pages
maybe use to manage the documentation catalog

I liked to add rdf:
  Dublin core
  crime/law enforcement rdfs

export things via
I like to have mozilla,QT,gtk+, etc be able to open and use wsq.
I'd like to have apps just use normal libs not provide my own.
So I'd like to spin the formats out.

make neaural net and other things there own independant and properly packaged libs so they can be spun out as well. Logo Valid HTML 4.01!