Free Fingerprint Imaging Software -- fingerprint pattern classification, minutae detection, Wavelet Scalar Quantization(wsq) compression, ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 reference implementation, baseline and lossless jpeg, image utilities, math and neural net libs

This ffpis project will provide source code in C using automake, autoconf, and libtool to provide crossplatform compatibility

A real quick intro and section 3 packages and section 4.1.1 PCASYS algorithms and a teaser Table of contents for nfis user guide and references are now availible. I will be placing things in a piecemeal fashion into cvs as I reorganize things as I go.

man pages(docbook and html formats) in this directory

incompleted/unfinished guide sections section 4.1.2 · section 4.1.3 · section 4.1.4 · section 4.2 · appendix a · images

This just real quick, introduction/notes: I have lots of cleanup work to do.
So far the below is mostly just what I used to apply to sourceforge to get this project.
Uses c,automake/autoconf,X11
makes availible several libraries
   (nfis_math, nfis_wsq, nfis_an2k, nfis_util, nfis_image, nfis_pca, nfis_lfs, nfis_mlp)
makes availible about 40 programs/utilities
availible platforms: posixlike(linux,sgi,bsd), windows using cygwin.
Makes fingerprint information usable.
FBI, Interpol, etc use
ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 "Data Format for the Interchange of Fingerprint, Facial, Scar Mark & Tatto(SMT) Information"
WSQ compressions has qualities that jpeg,png,gif, doesn't have.
Has robust Multi-layered Perceptron(MLP) neural Network
Needs clean ups, modernization and packaging, needs gtk+ and/or QT.
data formats: ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-2000 ascii and binary formats, jpeg, wsq, sun raster file?
I liked to add rdf:
  Dublin core
  crime/law enforcement rdfs

Interops with software in use by FBI, Interpol, others including Universal Latent Workstation.
TODO list

related projects

web sites for more information:

misc fingerprint and biometric notes

Dacty's fingerprint information· Fingerprint Identification Standards for Emerging Applications· FingerPrint USA consulting and technical services· Fingerprint Identification and Matching by Biometrics at Michigan State University· Pattern Recognition and Image Processing Lab at Michigan State University· A forensic Latent print impression evidence discussion site focusing primarily on latent fingerprints· Digital fingerprint· Southern California Association of Fingerprint Officers· Imaging Science· Optel fingerprints' recognition method using dermatoglyphics and minutiea · Interpol Fingerprint Identification Method · Common Biometric Exchange File Format (CBEFF) · Biometric FAQ · Fingerprint Verification Competition 2002 · Fingerprint Verification Competition 2004 · Handbook of Fingerprint Recongition by Davide Maltoni,Dario Maio,Anil K. Jain,Salil Prabhakar · Tsutomu Matsumoto and students from Yokohama National University have Fun with Fingerprint Readers using gelatin Artificial Gummy Fingers · T. Matsumoto, H. Matsumoto, K. Yamada, S. Hoshino, "Impact of Artificial Gummy Fingers on Fingerprint Systems," Proceedings of SPIE Vol. #4677, Optical Security and Counterfeit Deterrence Techniques IV, 2002 · Schneier on biometrics; Biometrics are unique identifiers, but they are not keys or secrets · fingerprint stuff

This is a fork of the nist public domain stuff.

related catagories

· Fingerprint Recongnition Software · Wavelets · Neural net software · Fast fourier Transforms fft · math software · graphic converters · Graphic Viewers · Gtk+ · QT · Law Enforcement · Fingerprints · Image processing software · xml · rdf · Friend of a friend · Dublin Core · Semantic Web c libraries
National Standards orgs ·
International Standards orgs ·
· Law enforcement orgs ·
· Biography personal information · Genealogy · Government Documents

misc graphics notes

ntsc tv stuff · dvd chroma bug · sub pixel · JPEG Vs. GIF · Graphics notes · Graphics stuff

common image format information

jpeg org · JPEG2000 · JPEG info · JPEG FAQ · JPEG info · JPEG info · JPEG info · loco loseless JPEG · loco loseless JPEG · Portable Network Graphics PNG · sun raster · sun raster · sun raster

fbi nist specific image format information

ihead · ihead · wsq · WSQ documents · wavelet article very general · WSQ Wavelet Scaler Quantization · WSQ FAQ · some FBI Guy · fbi forensic science · some guy · JPEG Vs. Wsq · Mitre JPEG2000 and Wsq
Maybe the wsq stuff I have isn't totaly correct?
Q. 2.16: "When I compared my implementation of the FBI spec to the code distributed
	by NIST, I found some differences between the spec and Craig Watson's 
	comp_wsq.c source in the subregion used for the subband variance computation."
A. 2.16: The README files on the NIST Visual Image Processing Group's FTP site 
	clearly state that the software they are distributing is NOT FBI-compliant.
	Please DO NOT compare your implementation of the FBI specification with
	NIST's code.  As stated in A. 1.2 above, I am not aware of any compliant
	freeware versions of the FBI WSQ specification.

programs and source code

xv imageviewer · GQview · imagemagick · xloadimage xloadimage · xli xli · svga · jpeg source code · jpeg sourcecode · IJG · lapack that pasted through f2c
Notes on where to find jpeg implementations.
IJG source
Free, portable C code for JPEG compression is available from the Independent
JPEG Group.  Source code, documentation, and test files are included.
Version 6b is available from
If you are on a PC you may prefer ZIP archive format, which you can find at (or at any
Simtel mirror site).  On CompuServe, see the Graphics Learning forum
(GO CIS:LEARN), library 12 "JPEG Tools", file

The IJG code includes a reusable JPEG compression/decompression library,
plus sample applications "cjpeg" and "djpeg", which perform conversion
between JPEG JFIF format and image files in PPM/PGM (PBMPLUS), BMP,
Utah RLE, and Targa formats.  A third application "jpegtran" provides
lossless transcoding between different JPEG formats --- for example, it can
convert a baseline JPEG file to an equivalent progressive JPEG file.
jpegtran can also do lossless rotation and flipping of JPEG files.  Two
small applications "wrjpgcom" and "rdjpgcom" insert and extract textual
comments in JFIF files.  The package is highly portable; it has been used
successfully on many machines ranging from Apple IIs to Crays.

The IJG code is free for both noncommercial and commercial use; only an
acknowledgement in your documentation is required to use it in a product.
(See the README file in the distribution for details.)

A different free JPEG implementation, written by the PVRG group at Stanford,
is available from  The PVRG
code is designed for research and experimentation rather than production
use; it is slower, harder to use, and less portable than the IJG code, but
the PVRG code is easier to understand.  Also, the PVRG code supports (the
original form of) lossless JPEG, while the IJG code does not.  But PVRG does
not support progressive JPEG.

There's also a lossless-JPEG-only implementation available from Cornell,  Caution: the Cornell coder
is known to have bugs for 16-bit data.

Neither the PVRG nor Cornell codecs are being actively maintained, but the
IJG code is.

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